Dramatic Detour

The Blue Castle

Genre: Period Romantic Drama
Location: 1921, “Deerwood” a remote Colonial town
Budget: Low/Medium

The Blue Castle is a Canadian classic, a blend of biting social satire and romance, written for adults by Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of “Anne of Green Gables” and “Emily of New Moon”. Set in 1921 in the Muskoka town of Deerwood, The Blue Castle champions painfully timid Valancy Stirling (29), as she breaks free of her suffocating family to pursue a rapturous life of freedom and romance.

Dramatic Detour

What’s a Girl Gotta Do?

Genre: Murder Mystery TV series
Location: New York City

Robin Hudson, quirky third-string reporter for the cable television All News Network, is obsessed with murder. And she’s never met a murder she couldn’t solve. Unfortunately she’s not as successful in her love life. It’s hard to maintain a romance when you run out on your date to meet a corpse.

Dramatic Detour

A Cryin Shame

Genre: Drama
Location: 1985, Cape Breton Island
Budget: Low/Medium

The true story of an automobile accident that leads to tragic consequences for a woman who has buried the secrets of a traumatic childhood.

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